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Your voice matters and it should be heard. Read this "Legislative Guide" (from the Union of Concerned Scientists) and learn how to most effectively share your views about critical environmental policies currently being decided upon by your elected representatives.

>> Act Now:

  • Urge the governor to sign AB 341 (Chesbro). This bill would create green jobs by expanding recycling to every multi-family dwelling and business in the state, and would charge CalRecycle with the responsibility for ensuring that the state is diverting at least 75% of the garbage that it generates to recycling by 2020.
  • Tell the EPA: No more methyl iodide! There is little to debate about methyl iodide's toxicity. It is a known neurotoxin, disrupts thyroid function, damages developing fetuses, and has caused lung tumors in laboratory animals. Fumigating fields with the gas -- even with the strictest regulations -- would no doubt still result in unacceptable exposures to farmworkers and surrounding populations.Urging the E.P.A. to permanently suspend and cancel all uses of methyl iodide as a pesticide is the only surefire way to keep this poison away from workers and our food.
  • Urge state leaders to appoint strong nominees to the California Coastal Commission! Between now and the end of May, six of the 12 seats on the California Coastal Commission, the agency in charge of protecting the coast's natural resources, are up for review and could change. Urge Governor Brown, Senator Steinberg and Speaker Perez to appoint people to the Coastal Commission who will vote to defend California's coast.
  • The Farm Bill is a massive $300 billion piece of legislation that affects nearly every federal program that deals with food. It's passed every five years and dictates how our food is produced, sold, and distributed, and who has access to healthy, sustainable options for their families. The process of passing this bill has historically been dominated by corporate agribusinesses that push the interests of small farmers and consumers aside in order to secure huge profits. You can help build the momentum for fair food by taking the first step. Sign the Fair Farm Bill Vision
  • Ask your Senators to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act! It is an important stept toward safer products, stronger businesses, and healthier families!
  • Could genetically engineered salmon be next? Take Action to make sure that your members of Congress support the bills to stop genetically engineered salmon from reaching your plate

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency voted to protect mountain communities and the health of Appalachian citizens by vetoing the largest single mountaintop removal coal mining permit in West Virginia history, the Spruce No. 1 Mine. Contact your member of Congress today and urge them to support the Clean Water Protection Act in the House of Representatives and The Appalachia Restoration Act in the US Senate.
  • The LA County Board of Supervisors has banned plastic bags in unincorporated portions of the county!
>>Newly Enacted Legislation:

You have the vision and the power to promote sustainability in your own community! Whether it's in your office, at your local eateries, your gym, or at any other number of places you frequent, jump in and become the agent of change in promoting sustainability! You'll never know how large the ripples in the pond will get once you've dropped in the pebble. Use these easy-to-use tools to begin:
Preserve Organic Integrity: Safeguard Animal Welfare, Stop Labeling Fraud, and Ban Nanotech! At the November 3-5 meeting of the USDA's National Organic Standards Board in Washington, DC, the Organic Consumers Association will be presenting your demands for stronger organic standards. Please let the NOSB, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan know that you want them to:
  • Stop personal care and cosmetic companies from advertising their products as "organic" unless they are USDA certified
  • Keep nanotechnology out of organic
  • Improve the living conditions of organic poultry and livestock

Are you a Los Angeles resident? Help Bring Sustainable Works to the City of Los Angeles!

Get active! Write a letter to your City Council Member letting them know you would like Sustainable Works programs to be offered in Los Angeles. To find out more about our programs visit our website.

To find your City Council representative visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your address or intersection. The results of the search will provide you with a list of your elected officials.

If you live somewhere other than Los Angeles, let your local city government know about Sustainable Works.



Council Member ____________

200 N. Spring Street

Room _______

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Council Member ____________:

As a concerned global citizen and resident in your district, I am writing to express my support of bringing Sustainable Works to the greater Los Angeles area. Sustainable Works is a non-profit environmental education organization. Their mission is to create a culture of sustainability by reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainable lifestyles. These choices enhance our resources, reduce hazards to human health and the environment, and benefit the local economy and community for the sake of current and future generations. In effort to achieve their mission they offer one of a kind “greening” programs for college students, businesses, and residents.

Their residential greening program, the Green Living Workshop, would greatly enhance residential participation in existing and future environmental programs. Participation in the program results in QUANTIFIABLE reduced resource use, improved human health, and community-wide support for environmental issues. Programs like the Green Living Workshop will be necessary in making progress towards becoming a more sustainable city. Please consider offering these workshops in our area.

Sustainable Works is interested in offering their programs to Los Angeles constituents. Please consider this letter my vote for Sustainable Works to host Green Living workshops in our district. For more information about the organization, feel free to visit their website or contact them directly:


[Your Name]



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