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Green Living Week 2: Energy

Sustainable Works Crew,

Great start for our first workshops!
As Anna and I learn more about what works best for our workshop we will continue to improve our teaching methods. As part of that evolution we will have a weekly workshop posting covering that weeks Topic, issues discussed in the meeting and the homework.
We will then add postings throughout the week if necessary to augment our information.

Before we get into this weeks Energy content-
A reminder that Wednesday's group will not meet this week so that crew members may attend the Sustainable Business Council - Green Building Event More info or to RSVP here:
We will return to our Wednesday location at the Unitarian Universalist church at 1260 18th St. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (Corner of 18th & Arizona) on Wednesday, November 8th.

and few other topics that came up during last weeks meetings:
environmental disposal of pet waste
Cradle to Cradle book
Natural Capitalism book
Meatrix parody of Factory Farming
Plastics Effect on Male Genital Development

An Inconvenient Truth website
Bush appoints former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond to Energy Advisor
How to sign up for LADWP Green Power

Ongoing Eco-Issues for Sustainable Works to research:
* Non-toxic painting materials for artists
* Environmental removal of large amounts of oil from a driveway
* Environmental disposal of excess medication
* Low flow hose nozzles

For Week 3:
Read the Waste Chapter
Eco Footprint Quiz
Take 3 Actions to reduce your Energy environmental impact
Complete the Waste section of the Life Style Survey.
(Remember to be weighing your trash during the workshop)


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