Sustainable Works

Green Living Workshop update week 40 2008

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm
Math Complex 1 on SMC Campus
Pearl St. between 16th and 17th Street


Wednesdays 7-8:30pm
Santa Monica Public Library
601 Santa Monica Blvd.

Last Week -
Week 5: - 9/23, 9/24 TRANSPORTATION & TRAVEL
This Week - Week 6: - 9/30, 10/1 SHOPPING & FOOD


Walk Score
Calculate everything that's within reasonable walking distance of your home with this web based mapping tool.

Bike Metro the site that helps you select routes for easy urban biking.
non profit bike workshop that helps you learn to repair your own bike

Sustainable Transport Club
Local grassroots organization helping to keep the public informed about all of the various transportation issues in our area.
Commuters network

Car sharing program that can save you money if you don't need a car every day.

Better World Club the environmental alternative to the Car Domination strategy of AAA.

Plug In America Non Profit organization of activists that saved the Electric Vehicles and lists all of the automakers phone numbers so you can demand a environmentally superior plug in electric vehicle. Scroll down to the "What Can I Do?" section.
Group that retro fitted an existing Prius into a Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
Author of Plug In Hybrids, includes the most comprehensive analysis of Well to Wheels emissions Alternative Fuel comparisons

Alternative Fuel conversions
Gas to Ethanol
Diesel to SVO
Anything to Electric
Prius to PHEV Prius


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