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New! Green Living Workshop Certificate of Completion

You can request from the instructor a digital version of the certificate if you attend all workshop meetings and complete the entire LifeStyle Survey.


>>Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan
>>Santa Monica Ecological Footprint description
>>Santa Monica Ecological Footprint graphic

Footprint Quizzes
>>Take two of the ecological footprint quizzes below and record the number of acres and earths your lifestyle requires in your LifeStyle Survey.

Green Community Groups
>>Sustainable Business Council
>>Net Impact Los Angeles
>>Green Business Networking
>>LA Green Drinks
>>Eco Tuesdays

Green Happenings

>>GreenLAGirl - Siel's personal blog about eco-happenings in the Los Angeles area

>>GoToGreenLA - find all of the sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious events taking place in and around Los Angeles

>>YourDailyThread - "ydt is here to help with short & sweet articles on how to live a balanced life in Los Angeles. Topics range from eco-fashion to organic beer, from Hollywood film festivals to Santa Monica community gardens, and more."

Sources of Environmental News
>> - has an informative and humorous daily newsletter that will keep you abreast of the latest environmental news

>>Green Inc. New York Times Blog - "How will the pressures of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and the mainstreaming of "green" consciousness reshape society? Follow the money. From renewable energy policy to carbon markets to dubious eco-advertising, our energy and environment reporters track the high-stakes pursuit of a greener globe."

>> - offers more than 8,000 resources, including daily news and feature stories, reports, checklists, case studies, and links to organizations, technical assistance programs, government agencies, and recognition programs.

Are you a Los Angeles resident? Help Bring Sustainable Works to the City of Los Angeles!
>>Get ACTIVE! Write a letter to your City Council Member letting them know you would like Sustainable Works programs to be offered in Los Angeles. To find out more about our programs visit our website. To find your City Council representative visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your intersection. The results of the search will provide you with a list of your elected officials. See a sample letter.


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