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Green Living Workshop Update

Sustainable Workers,

First I want to announce a terrific Green Festival event in San Francisco this weekend. I didn't mention it because it is not local but some of you may want to make the trip, for those that do it is well worth it, an awesome event.

With our workshops now on 2 different topics each week our weekly Green Living Workshop update will now reflect both topics.

Monday Workshop
This Week 11/6 Energy Action Items and Waste
Next Week 11/13 Chemicals

for Homework:
read Chemicals Chapter
3 Actions Items for Waste
Lifestyle Survey

Good update on the LMU forum, thanks to those that attended for sharing their thoughts.

Here's a great article Val sent on the issue of Phantom power we discussed or as they refer to it "vampire power."

Following up on our water discussion about environemental car washing, Anna found a great Carwash in Van Nuys that runs on Solar power.

Green Dimes is the new online service I mentioned which will stop your junk mail and plant a tree a month, for a dime a day.

The excerpt I read outlining all the wasted resources that go into manufacturing a disposable Cola can be accessed online Chapter 3 Waste Not, from the book Natural Capitalism.

Finally for those looking to offset their ecological footprint here are the
Certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) available in Califonia.

Wednesday Workshop
This Week 11/6 Water Action Items and Energy
Next Week 11/13 Waste

for Homework:
read Waste Chapter
3 Actions Items for Energy
Lifestyle Survey

Here's a good article explaining how CFL's work-
How Compact flourescent Bulbs work

Next, regarding the question of efficiency of Halogen versus Incandescents, consider the recommendations of the State of California, trying very hard to get consumers to use less electricity. They compare halogen to CFLs and say...
"Halogen lights were once considered the lighting of the future.
Although some halogens use up to 20 percent less energy than
incandescent lights and last anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 hours, they
are far less efficient than compact fluorescents. In addition halogens
burn hotter than other lights, so keep them at least six inches away
from all flammable materials."

And finally a recap of some of the other Energy topics
An Inconvenient Truth website
Misinformation regarding Global Warming provided by Exxon
How to sign up for LADWP Green Power

See you all next week!

Ongoing Eco-Issues for Sustainable Works to research:
* Non-toxic painting materials for artists
* Environmental removal of large amounts of oil from a driveway
* Environmental disposal of excess medication
* Low flow hose nozzles


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