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Green Living Workshop update week 18 2007

Sustainable Works Green Living Workshops,

We have two workshops running concurrently and new workshop starting on Sundays at the Culver-Palms United Methodist Church. Thanks to Ferris for filling in for me on Sunday.

Tuesdays @ Santa Monica Public Library
Wednesdays @ Sustainable Works
Sundays @ CPUM

Tuesday & Wednesday Workshops
Previous Class week 2
ENERGY 5/1 & 5/2
Next Class week 3 WASTE
for Next Week:
read WASTE Chapters
3 or more ENERGY Solutions

An Inconvenient Truth

Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air
The Union of Concerned Scientists article on the connection between the "Global Warming skeptics", their funding by Exxon Mobile, and the skeptics history of performing the same disception for the Tobacco industry.
Excellent web resource for tracking the real information about Global Warming.
Written by Ross Gelbspan, author of the two ground breaking books on Global Warming we mentioned, The Heat is On and
Boiling Point.

Misinformation regarding Global Warming provided by Exxon

How to sign up for LADWP Green Power

CO2 offset price comparisons
link to the ever growing and changing list of organizations to offset your CO2 based on price

CO2 recommendations from Tufts University

Carbon Offset Consumer Handout from Tufts University

CFL Calculator

NPR's new excellent series on Climate Change

Previous Class week 1 Introduction + WATER 5/6
Next Class week 2 ENERGY 5/20

for Next Week:
Life Style Survey week 1 (before picture)
Ecological Footprint Quiz
read WATER & ENERGY Chapters
3 or more WATER Solutions


Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan
Santa Monica Ecological Footprint description
Santa Monica Ecological Footprint graphic

Green Community Groups
Sustainable Business Council
Net Impact Los Angeles
Green Business Networking
LA Green Drinks


Garden Garden

Santa Monica's Environmental Programs Division demonstration garden comparison

Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility

Theodore Payne Foundation
promotes the understanding and preservation of California native flora


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