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Green Living Workshop Update week 3 of 2007

Welcome two new additions to our Wednesday RGP Crew-

Austin and Reuben.

We went over time last week so I will ask your help in keeping us on schedule.
The Green movement has so many fascinating aspects to I know this is difficult,
but remember we have still four weeks in which we can share our thoughts and I am always willing to stay and talk after class.
Having said that, thanks to Dave for bringing in the LED light bulb and other green goodies.
Small items we can passs around while we can continue talking are great!

Wednesday Workshop
This Week 1/17 Energy
Next Class 1/24 Waste

for Next Week:
read Waste Chapter
3 Solutions for Energy
Ecological Footprint
Life Style Survey

Below are some of the topics that came up during last weeks discussions:

Biological Pioneers sponsoring the Bioneers conference, books and events aimed at getting society to appreciate the Genius of Nature.

Janine Benyus's book chronicling many outstanding examples of society learning to work like Nature.

Non-profit organization serving LA for over three decadesby offering sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems.

An Inconvenient Truth

Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air
The Union of Concerned Scientists article on the connection between the "Global Warming skeptics", their funding by Exxon Mobile, and the skeptics history of performing the same disception for the Tobacco industry.
Excellent web resource for tracking the real information about Global Warming.
Written by Ross Gelbspan, author of the two ground breaking books on Global Warming we mentioned, The Heat is On and
Boiling Point.
Non-profit organization where you can offset your CO2 emissions in three different ways at an excellent price.

and a link with the ever growing and changing list of organizations to offset your CO2
CO2 offset comparisons

And thanks again to Dave again for sending the links to the article and Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) Calculator he mentioned on Wednesday-
The Oil We Eat
CFL Calculator

Great Crew Everyone!
See you next Wednesday!


At 10:36 AM, Blogger docproteus said...

Hey All,
Great workshop! I wnated to pass ona few others links for things I thought might be of interest.

The low flow shower head that can be turned on and off easily can be found at

Here's a link to a replacement flusher for your toilet whihc allows you to use less or more water depending on your need

And a cool "sink on top of your toilet" contraption that allows you to use the water that you wash your hands with to fill your toilet. A great idea that's really llike a mini greywater system in your house

If you're really nits about all of this and want to do a full home energy audit, you can buy a Kill A Watt Meter here

Here is a link to the few but growing emails I have sent out that I mentioned at our first meet. Feel free to read, pass on, correct, or anything else you'd llike and if you'd like to be added to the email list, my email is at the bottom of each entry.

Finally (for now) a couple of links to articles on alt fuel transpo i have written fro Edmunds that might be of interest. The first is on my veggie car and the second is on the all electric Tesla whihc is bringing in the next wave of electric cars

Thanks for taking the time to care. I hope these lonks are helpful and/or of interest.

Live Sustainably


At 10:38 AM, Blogger docproteus said...

OK, apparently I was out way too late last night and not only forgot how to type, but how to proof and add all the links as well. Sorry about that. Here's the emaail link



At 8:48 AM, Blogger docproteus said...

Not gonna save the world, but kind of cool and a good lesson for the kids.


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