Sustainable Works

Green Living Workshop update week 33 2007

Sustainable Works Green Living Workshops,

Welcome and Thank You for taking this step towrds a more sustainable lifestyle!

Tuesdays @ Sustainable Works
Wednesdays @ Sustainable Works

Week 1 Introduction + WATER 8/14, 8/15
Next Week ENERGY 8/21, 8/22
Life Style Survey
read Water and Energy
3 WATER Solutions
Ecological Footprint

Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan
Santa Monica Ecological Footprint description
Santa Monica Ecological Footprint graphic

Green Community Groups
Sustainable Business Council
Net Impact Los Angeles
Green Business Networking
LA Green Drinks

Garden Garden Santa Monica's Environmental Programs Division demonstration garden comparison

SMURRF Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility

Theodore Payne Foundation promotes the understanding and preservation of California native flora


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