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Green Living Workshop Update

Sustainable Workers,

First I want to make sure everyone in the Wednesday workshop remembers we are not meeting next week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday on 11/22.
Monday and Tuesday workshops next week will meet as planned.

Also several of you Non-Santa Monica residents asked for a reminder calling for you to contact your city councilman to ask that Sustainable Works be brought to your area.
Here's the reminder: ask your city councilman to bring Sustainable Works to your area.

With 3 workshops now on 3 different topics,
our weekly Green Living Workshop update will now reflect all 3 workshop topics.

Monday Workshop
This Week 11/13 Chemicals
Next Week 11/20 Transportation & Travel

for Homework:
read Transportation & Travel Chapter
3 Actions Items for Chemicals
Lifestyle Survey

Great group!
Thanks to Delilah for bringing in samples from her green living store!
The Road Less Traveled.
Show and tell is always fun.

Below is the website to find the safest cosmetic products available.
Skin Deep
The Environmental Working Group, who put together the Skin Deep website, is full of other intereseting information as well-

Tuesday Workshop
This Week 11/13 Introduction and Water
Next Week 11/20 Energy

for Homework:
read Energy Chapter
3 Actions Items for Chemicals Ecological Footprint quiz
Lifestyle Survey

We have a small but active group on Tuesdays at Wild Oats.
Please confirm with Anna Cummins that you will be attending the rest of the workshop sessions.
If anyone were to drop out we would not be able to continue the workshop.

Below are some of the issues we said we would post:
Aqua Sana the filter company Dave reccomended
Extra Medical Pills should go to Hazardous Waste facility
Eco Car Care product line that I discovered after we discussed the car wash problem. I have not used this product only listened to the owner in an interview. It apparently does not need any rinsing thereby saving an enormous amount of water. Let us know if anyone tries it.

Again please confirm that you will be attending the workshops and invite your friends!

Wednesday Workshop
This Week 11/13 Waste
Two Weeks 11/29 Chemicals

for Homework:
read Chemicals Chapter
3 Actions Items for Waste
Lifestyle Survey

How a Landfill Works.

The excerpt I read outlining all the wasted resources that go into manufacturing a disposable Cola can be accessed online Chapter 3 Waste Not, from the book Natural Capitalism.

Green Dimes is the new online service I mentioned (and Marcia signed up for!) which will stop your junk mail and plant a tree a month, for a dime a day.

See the Monday and Tuesday workshops next week!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Ongoing Eco-Issues for Sustainable Works to research:
* Non-toxic painting materials for artists
* Environmental removal of large amounts of oil from a driveway
* Environmental disposal of excess medication
* Low flow hose nozzles
* what happens to solvents & batteries at Hazardous Waste facility


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