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Green Living Workshop Update

Sustainable Workers,

Sorry for the delay in postings.
I unfortunately get the flu bug before Thanksgiving,
thanks to Ferris for filling in for me.

I appreciate the kind words at the close of the Monday workshop.
What a great group for my first crew!

Below is the Green Living Workshop update for the past 2 weeks
for all 3 RGP crews.

Monday Workshop
2 weeks ago 11/20 Transportation & Travel
This Week 11/27 Food and Shopping, Wrap up

Thanks to Angela and Becky for turning in their Lifestyle Surveys!
We will look in the mail for Lifestyle survey's from-

Again thanks to all of you for making my first workshop so enjoyable!

Tuesday Workshop
2 Weeks ago 11/21 Energy
This Week 11/28 Waste
Next Week 12/5 Chemicals

for Homework:
read Chemicals Chapter
3 Actions Items for Waste
Lifestyle Survey Ecological Footprint quiz

How a Landfill Works.

The excerpt I read outlining all the wasted resources that go into manufacturing a disposable Cola can be accessed online Chapter 3 Waste Not, from the book Natural Capitalism.

Green Dimes is the new online service I mentioned (and Michelle signed up for!) which will stop your junk mail and plant a tree a month, for a dime a day.

Wednesday Workshop
2 Weeks ago 11/22 Waste
This Week 11/29 Chemicals
Next Week 12/6 Transportation & Travel

for Homework:
read Transportation & Travel Chapter
3 Actions Items for Chemicals
Lifestyle Survey

Val joined the Wednesday workshop and asked about confidential numbers on her broken phone- offers confidential erasure as well as safe disposal.
Cell Phone Erasure

and Anshu emailed links about cell phone donation for battered women.
Phones for Life
Support Network for Battered Woman

Below is the website to find the safest cosmetic products available.
Skin Deep
The Environmental Working Group, who put together the Skin Deep website, is full of other intereseting information as well-

See the Tuesday and Wednesday workshops next week!

California Recycles
E-Waste Collection @ Wild Oats
1425 Montana Ave.
Sunday, December 3rd, 10-2 p.m.

Plug In Hybrid Author at LA Green Drinks
Duke's Hideaway at the Culver Hotel
9400 Culver Boulevard
Thursday, December 7th, 7pm-???

Alt Car Expo
The Alternative Car & Transportation Expo
Barker Hangar, SM Air Center
December 9th&10th, 2006

Getting Started With Solar
Fairview Branch Library
Tuesday, December 12, 7-8:30 p.m.

Ongoing Eco-Issues for Sustainable Works to research:
* Non-toxic painting materials for artists
* Environmental removal of large amounts of oil from a driveway
* Low flow hose nozzles
* what happens to solvents & batteries at Hazardous Waste facility


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